premier ielts writing test 6 - anh ngu thien an

Premier’s IELTS Writing Test 6 – Bài Mẫu Tham Khảo Chi Tiết Task 1 Task 2

Premier’s IELTS Test 6 (IELTS Writing) - Task 1 & Task 2

    • Bạn chuẩn bị thi IELTS và đang tìm kiếm cho mình một đề thi để thử sức mình?
    • Bạn muốn xem bài viết tham khảo cho các đề thi IELTS trong cuốn sách Premier’s IELTS Writing nhưng không biết tìm nguồn ở đâu cho uy tín?
    • Bạn muốn học hỏi thêm từ vựng, ideas, cấu trúc thường gặp trong đề thi IELTS để bổ sung kiến thức cho mình?

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Premier’s IELTS Test 6 (IELTS Writing) - Task 1 & Task 2

Câu hỏi : The graph below gives information about monthly electricity, water, and gas use at a leisure centre in Manchester. Summarize the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make comparisons where relevant.



The bar chart illustrates the use of electricity, water, and gas every month at an entertainment center in Manchester.
In general, there are clear fluctuations in the monthly usage of all of these utilities. Especially, the highest amounts of consumption of water, electricity, gas are reported in every August, January, and February, respectively.
Commencing with nearly 4.3 in the first month of every year, the usage of water utility decreases slightly to 3.5 in March before undergoing the unpredictable trend between April and December. Specifically, this figure increases to 4.5 in April, then falling to almost 4 in May prior to reaching a peak at about 5.5 in August and then, going down gradually to just over 4 in December. 
Similarly, the consumption of gas witnesses a fluctuation straight after starting at 4 in January, then rising to 4.5 as the peak of its before steadily declining to almost 2.5 in May and being at a standstill in June. Next, this number climbs to roughly 3.8 in October before reducing slightly by 0.3 in November and increasing to nearly 4 in the following month.  
Meanwhile, approximately 5.3 is the amount of electricity consumption in January. However, this record falls gradually to just under 2.5 in July before undergoing an upward trend from that to December with nearly 5 of the electricity amount used in the final month. (227 words).
Useful Expressions 1Useful Expressions 2
+ The use / usage / consumption of 
+ Commence / start with 
+ Water / electricity / gas utilities
+ Undergo the unpredictable trend / upward trend
+ Specifically = Particularly
+ Reach a peak
+ Witness a fluctuation
+ As the peak of
+ At a standstill : Đứng yên
+ Approximately = Roughly = About
+ Record falls : Kỷ lục giảm

Câu hỏi : Some people believe that violent films are bad for you and encourage people to be violent. Others argue that violence and films are unrelated because violence existed before films. Which of these opinions do you agree with, and to what extent do you agree?


Mở Bài

There is an increasing concern among people about the existence and the increasing popularity of films glorifying violence because they both do more harm than good and make people tend to be violent. Meanwhile, others opine that there is no intimate connection between violence and films since this negative phenomenon has become prevalent before films. In my opinion, the latter view is not absolutely convinced.

Thân Bài 1

On the one hand, violent films might exert detrimental effects on viewers. Evidence suggests plots and scenes tending towards violence do not encourage audiences’ mental activities. Take the senior citizens as an example, watching such violent content could obsess and give a negatively vivid impression on them, thereby leading to some health problems such as sleep loss or dangerous illusions. Besides, movies focusing on violence might stimulate children to imitate characters’ ugly behaviors. In this way, violent films accidentally arouse youngsters’ excitement about becoming violent in the eyes of other people like bullying or swearing at friends.

Thân Bài 2

On the other hand, violence these days is partly productive of movies glorifying violence. Justifiably, we could not attribute this social problem to only films; however, they have exacerbated the high incidence of violence in families, schools, and society. We do not have difficulties in witnessing an array of cases related to violence in virtue of the profound influence of violent films that have been reported on TV, newspapers, and the Internet day in, day out. In the long run, unless there is a moderate control over different factors, especially violent movies, there will be no guarantee that we would take a sanguine view of the violence situation.

Kết Bài

In conclusion, while subscribing to the consequence of violent films related to making people become violent, I also believe that violence and movies have a close relation. (297 words).

Useful Expressions 1Useful Expressions 2Useful Expressions 3
+ There is an increasing concern among people about ST
+ Glorify : Tôn sùng
+ Tend to / towards : Hướng đến, thiên về
+ Opine that = Make the point
+ Intimate connection | A close relation between … and … : Mối quan hệ mật thiết giữa …
+ Negative phenomenon : Hiện tượng tiêu cực
+ Become prevalent : Trở nên phổ biến
+ The latter view : Quan điểm thứ 2
+ Absolutely convinced : Hoàn toàn thuyết phục
+ Exert effects on : Gây ra tác động lên
+ Detrimental to = Harmful
+ Evidence suggests : Bằng chứng cho thấy
+ Encourage mental activities : Khuyến khích hoạt động thần kinh
+ Senior citizen = The elderly
+ Obsess SB : Làm ai đó ám ảnh
+ Give a negatively vivid impression on : Gây ấn tượng sâu sắc mang tính tiêu cực lên
+ Thereby + V_ing
+ Dangerous illusion : Ảo giác nguy hiểm
+ Stimulate / encourage SO to do ST
+ Imitate : Bắt chước
+ Arouse excitement : Khơi dậy sự hào hứng
+ Youngster = Children
+ Be partly productive of = As a part result of
+ Justifiably : Công bằng mà nói
+ Attribute SO/ST to ST/SO
+ Exacerbate = Worsen
+ The high incidence of : Khả năng cao của …
+ Have difficulty in ST 
+ An array of = A series of
+ In/By virtue of = Because of
+ Profound influence : Tác độg đáng kể
+ Day in, day out : Ngày qua ngày
+ In the long run : Về lâu về dài
+ Moderate control over SO/ST : Sự giám sát có chừng mực lên
+ There is no guarantee that : Không có gì đảm bảo rằng
+ Take a sanguine view of : Có cái nhìn lạc quan về
+ Subscribe to = Agree

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Premier’s IELTS Test 6 (IELTS Writing) - Task 1 & Task 2

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