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Bài Viết Tham Khảo Cho Task 1 & Task 2 Writing

IELTS Simulation Writing Test 10 | (Để lại email cuối bài để nhận file pdf)

Các sĩ tử luyện thi IELTS thân mến! Nhằm mục đích hỗ trợ các bạn trong quá trình chinh phục mục tiêu IELTS Writing mong muốn. Anh ngữ Thiên Ân gửi đến các bạn sample answers trong bộ sách IELTS Simulation Writing. Bài viết tham khảo hôm nay sẽ dành cho đề IELTS Simulation Writing Test 10. Các bạn cùng xem qua nhé!

Task 1 (IELTS Simulation Writing Test 10)

Câu hỏi : The diagram below shows how potato chips are made. Summarize the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make comparisons where relevant.

ielts stimulation writing test 10 - luyen thi ielts cap toc - anh ngu thien an
The diagram illustrates the progress in making potato chips.
The process undergoes eight stages commencing with checking potato quality and ending with packing the products in bags or cans.
At the onset of this process, there is an examination of potato quality before they are put in a washer. Next, at the entrance of a peeler, they must be frozen by rinse water to get rid of bacteria before entering the peeler that peels and starches them. After that, peeled and starched potatoes, through a bucket conveyor, enter a slicer in which they are sliced off  

At the next stage, through a heat pump over, the slices are dried by the air blown from it before a flatbed conveyor peyor to become potato chips, and then, these enter a bag packer for products in bags. Alternatively, a bulk can filler is laces them inside a deep fry. Then, deeply fried slices are supplemented with salt from a salter over a flat belt convused for wrapping potato chips in cans. (169 words)  

+ The progress in ST = The process of ST
+ Commence with # End with
+ At the onset of = At the beginning of
+ An examination of ST
+ At the entrance of 
+ Get rid of bacteria : Loại bỏ vi khuẩn
+ Slice off : Cắt lát
+ By the air blown from SW : Bởi không khí được thổi ra từ đâu
+ Place ST inside ST
+ Supplement ST with ST : Bổ sung với

Task 2 (IELTS Simulation Writing Test 10)

Câu hỏi : The use of mobile phones has increased dramatically in recent years. What are the positive and negative effects of this trend? Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own experience.

Mở bài

There is no doubt true that mobile phones have become prevalent among many people with an endlessly increasing usage. This trend has some merits and drawbacks indicated in this essay.  

Thân Bài 1
On the one hand, mobile phones play an important role in our communication and relaxation. First, most of us consider mobile phones as a fast and economical medium of communication without the barrier of distance. We could get in touch with our family, friends within our countries, or even across the world at an affordable price compared to expensive domestic and international calls. Second, this portable device has been continually supplemented with up-to-the-minute features for entertainment ranging from surfing the Internet to enjoy blockbusters, hit songs, shopping online to chatting with friends. Thereby ensuring our work-life balance, especially when we have to fit in the hectic pace of life these days.  
Thân Bài 2
However, like other modern electronic gadgets, mobile phones have partly exacerbated some problems in terms of our interaction and lifestyle. In place of face-to-face communication, humans prefer to make use of them for daily communicative practices such as within a company, office, or even our family. As a result, some bonds might become looser and everyone seems to become separate themselves from one another. Besides, a sedentary lifestyle seems to be a tangible testimony to overusing mobile phones for a series of leisure activities, especially for juvenile people. Evidence suggests this phenomenon is one of the reasons causing them serious mental issues like laziness, autism, or even isolation from outdoor activities.   
Kết Bài
In conclusion, besides tangible advantages, the proliferation of using mobile phones also brings about several disadvantages. (268 words)  
+ There is no doubt true that : Không có gì nghi ngờ rằng
+ Prevalent = Popular
+ An endlessly increasing use : Việc sử dụng ngày càng gia tăng không có điểm dừng
+ Merits and drawbacks = Advantages and Disadvantages
+ Play an important role : Đóng 1 vai trò quan trọng
+ A medium of communication : 1 phương thức giao tiếp
+ The barrier of distance : Rào cản khoảng cách
+ Get in touch with : Giữ liên lạc
+ Across the world : Khắp thế giới
+ At an affordable price : Giá cả phải chăng
+ Domestic and international calls : Những cuộc gọi nội địa và quốc tế
+ Portable device / gadget : Thiết bị di động
+ Supplement ST with ST : Bổ sung
+ Up-to-the-minute (adj) = Latest
+ Blockbuster : Phim bom tấn
+ Hit songs : Những bài nhạc phổ biến
+ Thereby + V_ing
+ Work-life balance : Sự cân bằng công việc & cuộc sống
+ Fit in : Hòa nhập
+ The hectic pace of life : Nhịp sống nhộn nhịp
+ Exacerbate = Worsen
+ In place of = Instead of
+ Face-to-face communication : Giao tiếp trực tiếp
+ Make use of = Use
+ Daily communicative practices : Những hoạt động giao tiếp hàng ngày
+ Bond = Relationship
+ Become separate SB from ST : Tách biệt khỏi
+ Sedentary lifestyle : Lối sống ít vận động
+ Tangible testimony to ST : Minh chứng hữu hình cho
+ Leisure activities : Hoạt động giải trí
+ Phenomenon : Hiện tượng
+ Cause SB ST = Cause ST for SB
+ Autism : Sự tự kỷ
+ Isolation from : Cô lập khỏi
+ The proliferation of : Sự gia tăng của
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