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Đề Thi VSTEP 25-12-2022

Đề Thi Vstep 25-12-2022 | Speaking & Writing

        • Bạn đang luyện thi VSTEP (B1-B2-C1)?
        • Bạn cần tham khảo bài mẫu để tự tin luyện thi VSTEP?
        • Bạn không biết nên thể hiện gì trong phần thi VSTEP Speaking & VSTEP Writing để đạt được kết quả tốt?
        • Và bạn cần cập nhật Đề Thi Vstep 25-12-2022 như một ví dụ thực tế để chuẩn bị cho kỳ thi trong tương lai?

    Bài viết này dành cho bạn!!!

Part 1: 2 topics (3 questions/topic)

  • Hobbies
  • Activities in your free time

Part 2:

Your friend gets stressed because of her study and life. You want to help her get over this period by giving her some pieces of advice. You have three options to give your friend. Let’s choose the best option for her.
  • Play sports
  • Learn skills
  • Do volunteer
Part 3: Living alone is beneficial to the maturity and autonomy of students because this gives them a chance to do some things below.”
  • Take responsibilities
  • Learn and practice soft skills
  • Stay focused on studying
  • Your own idea
(Câu này thí sinh lên ý tưởng và trình bày rõ 3 ideas trên để chứng minh nhận định ban đầu. Quan điểm thứ 4 là tùy chọn, nên có nếu cần điểm B2 hoặc C1.)
Part 1: Write an email
Part 2: Essay – Traffic jams are becoming serious problems in big cities. It has caused serious influence on both citizens and society. Many solutions have been applied to solve this problem and one way is to build sky trains in cities which run overhead rather than on the ground. Discuss some advantages/disadvantages.

Lời Giải Tham Khảo Đề Thi Vstep 25-12-2022 (Speaking)

Part 2

Out of these choices, I think my friend should play sports. There are some reasons for this choice.
Initially, doing a sport helps her get a work-life balance. Spending much time studying for assignments and exams makes her exhausted, she needs a wind of change, and enjoying a sport is a good choice. When she plays badminton or volleyball, for example, it gets things off her mind, thereby refreshing her mind and recharging her batteries.
Moreover, I suppose doing sports is something beneficial to her health, especially since she is getting stressed. You know, when she is up to her ears in studying, she can get anxious, so playing sports helps her release stress and feel at ease. In doing so, she gets rid of negative feelings that are detrimental to her health.
Meanwhile, learning new skills is a good but time-consuming choice. Should she take a course in a certain skill, cooking, for example, she must manage enough time to cope with a busy schedule of studying at the moment.
Volunteering presents the same issue as learning new skills: time. Also, this choice asks her to devote great resources to supporting the community, and I am afraid that she cannot do that.
In a nutshell, I believe that my friend ought to play sports.
think, friend, play, sport, sport, help, get, work, life, time, make, wind, enjoy, sport, good, when, play, example, get, sport, get, know, when, ear, get, play, sport, help, feel, get, learn, new, good, time, take, course, example, busy, same, learn, new, time, also, ask, great, friend, play, sport, for example, the same, there are
reason, exam, change, badminton, volleyball, battery, health, especially, so, so, negative, health, cooking, enough, schedule, moment, afraid, believe, i suppose, the same
choice, choice, study, assignment, need, choice, mind, mind, stress, study, anxious, stress, feeling, meanwhile, skill, choice, certain, skill, manage, study, present, issue, skill, choice, support, that, the same, out
initially, balance, moreover, beneficial, release, resource, community, course
exhaust, thereby, refreshing, recharge
spending, detrimental
giai de thi vstep 25-12-2022 - anh ngu thien an

Part 3

Because it allows them the opportunity to do some of the tasks listed below, living alone is advantageous to a student’s development of maturity and autonomy.
First, students can learn how to take responsibility on their own once they live alone. In fact, an independent life means that students do not rely on anyone else, such as their parents or relatives. This also encourages them to become autonomous when encountering any matters in life. In the long run, with highly improved problem-solving skills, they can become wiser and clever to succeed in studying and life. 
Second, it would appear that living alone facilitates students, especially freshmen, to learn and practice soft skills. Out of the problem-solving skills mentioned above, students can hone others interpersonal skills, like time-management and self-study. That no one lives together means that they cannot count on reminders or supports from others. They must depend on themselves and this gives them a chance to become better and better.
Finally, the heart of this matter, staying focused on studying is something essential for those who live alone. Being a students makes them get priority for studying and practicing. In this way, they could get decent study performance and further, success in their future. This does not mean that they separate themselves from others, they still need friends to keep interaction and communication. However, living alone helps them spend useful time on studying. 
For the reasons mentioned above, I hold the belief that living alone is really beneficial to students’ maturity and autonomy.
give, do, student, first, student, learn, how, take, life, student, parent, also, when, life, long, problem, life, student, learn, problem, student, time, life, together, give, good, good, stay, student, make, get, get, friend, help, time, give, think, really, help, student
list, own, once, fact, mean, else, improve, especially, practice, soft, mean, finally, heart, practice, way, further, mean, still, however, useful, reason, already, grow, such as
opportunity, development, independent, face, challenge, run, solve, skill, succeed, study, appear, skill, solve, skill, mention, skill, study, count, support, chance, essential, study, study, result, success, future, need, communication, study, more, independent, in fact, that, not, one, out, the heart of
task, responsibility, sufficient, highly, wise, management, matter, priority, decent, separate, maintain
relative, self, self, reminder, interaction

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Lời Giải Tham Khảo Đề Thi Vstep 25-12-2022 (Writing)

Part 2 (Essay - About 250 words)

The construction of the sky train has sparked a variety of opinions. Some benefits have been seen from this trend, but I believe the drawbacks are more important overall. Because of this, in this essay I will discuss the pros and cons of this topic.
Building a sky train would have many positive effects, which can’t be ignored. To begin with, constructing a sky train would reduce gridlock by diverting traffic above ground. The system relies on a separate railway, so it might not experience any roadblocks. As a secondary perk, the sky train is more time-efficient than a regular train because its speed never changes. Other examples include places where the speed varies. As a third perk, urban sprawl can be mitigated by constructing aerial railways. High-level rail lines have a negligible impact on the surrounding landscape. Besides the space needed for bases and station platforms, they don’t need a lot of land.
However, I agree with the viewpoint of those who think that constructing the sky train also has some drawbacks. One major drawback is the high cost of constructing a truly reliable sky train. The government needs to make sure they hire reliable companies that can handle the necessary technology, procedures, operations, and maintenance. The second drawback is that government subsidies for passenger fares are rarely implemented in developing countries. Lastly, it is inconvenient to remove people from the sky train in the event of an emergency. Specifically, if there are any accidents, rescue efforts will be complicated because the railroad is high above ground.
In conclusion, I think the pros of a sky train project far outweigh the cons. The government is urged to weigh the merits of the sky train project against its potential drawbacks. (296 words)
train, see, important, train, begin, train, train, time, train, never, change, example, place, where, station, think, train, also, train, make, country, people, train, think, train, train, a lot, there are
sky, believe, discuss, building, sky, sky, traffic, so, sky, regular, include, high, level, line, space, platform, however, agree, sky, high, cost, sky, sure, company, passenger, sky, accident, railroad, high, sky, project, far, sky, project, make sure
variety, opinion, benefit, trend, more, essay, topic, positive, effect, reduce, system, separate, secondary, efficient, speed, speed, rail, landscape, need, need, land, reliable, government, need, reliable, handle, necessary, technology, operation, government, fare, rarely, develop, remove, event, emergency, rescue, effort, conclusion, government, weigh, that, to begin with, begin with, not, be, one, by
construction, ignore, ground, vary, urban, impact, surrounding, base, major, truly, hire, procedure, maintenance, lastly, inconvenient, ground, potential
drawback, viewpoint, drawback, drawback, drawback, subsidy, specifically, complicate, outweigh, merit, drawback
spark, divert, negligible
giai de thi vstep 25-12-2022 - anh ngu thien anh

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