de thi toeic writing 19-8-2023 - anh ngu thien an

Đề Thi Toeic Writing 19-8-2023 – Bài Mẫu Tham Khảo Chi Tiết Emails & Essay

Đề Thi TOEIC Writing 19-8-2023 - Emails & Essay

    • Bạn chuẩn bị thi TOEIC và đang tìm kiếm cho mình một đề thi để thử sức mình?
    • Bạn muốn xem bài viết tham khảo cho các Đề Toeic Writing của IIG nhưng không biết tìm nguồn ở đâu cho uy tín?
    • Bạn muốn học hỏi thêm từ vựng, ideas, cấu trúc thường gặp trong đề thi TOEIC Writing để bổ sung kiến thức cho mình?

Bài chia sẻ này dành cho bạn!

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Đề Thi TOEIC Writing 19-8-2023 - Emails

Câu 6: A man enjoyed a picnic with his company colleagues last year. This year he would like to have a picnic at a beach, so he sent an email to one of his colleagues to ask him/her to make a plan for this trip.
Directions: Reply to this email as if you are his colleague. In your email, make TWO questions and ONE request.
Dear …,
I’m writing in reply to your email dated […] regarding our upcoming picnic. That’s great! I can’t wait to be a part of the picnic and I’m highly delighted to take on making a plan for this.
If it is not a problem, I would like to ask you some questions. [Question 1] First, I want to know the possible attendance at the picnic, does it include our company’s staff and their family members? [Question 2] Second, I wonder where you intend to have, I means what beach? Da Nang, Nha Trang, or Mui Ne is all wonderful!
[Request] Also, I need some details of the main participants to have a good preparation for team-building activities, so please send to me a list of these people ASAP.
Hope to hear from you soon.
Câu 7: You are a freshman who has just relocated to a city in which your university is located. You came across an advertisement of renting house, so you would like to know more about the potential accommodation as well as share it with a housemate.
Directions: Reply to this email as if you are the landlord. In your email, give the freshman at least THREE pieces of information of the house.
Dear …,
I’m writing in reply to your email dated […] regarding a house for rent. Thanks for your interest in my advertisement of this house few days ago.
I would like to give you some basic information, so that you can take it into consideration for your accommodation. [Information 1] Initially, this 2-bedroom house is available at an affordable rate, just 2 million dongs without any a rise in rates during a 12-month lease. [Information 1] Next, the tenant is expected to put down a 100% deposit of this rate which would be non-refundable. [Information 1] Final and foremost, you could only share the house with no more than a housemate, please keep this rule in your mind.
If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at any time.
Best regards,
de thi toeic writing - anh ngu thien an

Đề Thi TOEIC Writing 19-8-2023 - Essay

Câu 8: When being a customer service representative, what do you think is the most importance thing?
  • Friendliness
  • Problem-solving skill
  • Understanding
It is no exaggeration to say that representatives of customer service are at the core of companies due to their unique qualities, such as friendliness, problem-solving skills, and understanding of their customers. In my opinion, a customer service representative’s adequate skills to cope with different situations play a pivotal role in their work.
Firstly and foremost, it is compelling to assert that a representative with a mastery of resolving problems might ensure customer satisfaction. In a constantly changing business world, there is always room for unexpected situations that cause companies difficulties in serving their customers as well as possible. A sensible customer service representative could handle complaints about the late delivery of a significant shipment due to bad weather effectively by offering prompt and sincere apologies as well as adequate compensation. Also, with excellent problem-solving skills, a customer representative is believed to be capable of preventing risks from happening through their intimate relationship with both their company and customers. Not only do they produce favorable terms in the contracts on their company’s behalf, but they can also suggest practical solutions for their customers’ sake to deal with unforeseeable problems.
Second, as a result of their customer satisfaction, representatives who are able to think on their feet when facing problems help promote the business image of their company. The more fulfillment in products and services customers get, the higher the possibility that they will maintain a business relationship with their provider. It is not difficult to give customers a positive impression when they have any unpleasant issues, but feel secure that the customer representative will always be willing to support them with both hands without hesitation. Moreover, in a business world dominated by word of mouth these days, a customer with high contentment means that many potential ones will be recommended. After all, consumers highly appreciate companies with qualified customer representatives who have both qualifications and professional problem-solving skills to help them get happiness with their products and services.
Finally, there is an intimate connection between possessing extraordinary skills to resolve problems and the career path development of customer representatives. Once they get success in handling problems at work, this also means that they accumulate precious experience in facing and overcoming different scenarios in the long run. Apart from their role as representatives, being well-informed employees also opens a promising future for anyone who devotes their great resources to work promotion. They may take their managers’ pride in their problem-solving skills, thereby earning the trust of those at upper levels.
In conclusion, it is my firm conviction that problem-solving skills play an integral part in working as a customer service representative. (440 words)
  • It is no exaggeration to say that: Thật không quá khi nói rằng
  • At the core of ST: Đóng vai trò quan trọng
  • Cope with = Handle = Resolve
  • It is compelling to say that: Thật hợp tình hợp lý khi nói rằng
  • A mastery of: Sự hiểu biết tốt về
  • Intimate relationship/connection: Mối quan hệ mật thiết
  • On one’s behalf: Đại diện cho ai
  • For one’s sake: Vì lợi ích của ai
  • Think on one’s feet: Khả năng ứng biến nhanh
  • Promote the business image of: Quảng bá hình ảnh kinh doanh
  • With both hands = enthusiastically
  • By word of mouth: Bắng sự truyền miệng
  • Accumulate precious experience: Tích lũy kinh nghiệm giá trị
  • In the long run: Về lâu về dài
  • Well-informed: Hiểu biết rộng
  • Take one’s pride in ST: Be proud of ST
de thi toeic writing - anh ngu thien an

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Đề Thi TOEIC Writing 19-8-2023 - Emails & Essay

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