de thi pet 23-7-2023 - anh ngu thien an

Đề Thi PET 23-07-2023

Đề Thi Pet 23-7-2023 | Speaking & Writing

    • Bạn đang luyện thi PET (B1) Preliminary?
    • Bạn cần tham khảo bài mẫu để tự tin luyện thi PET?
    • Bạn không biết nên thể hiện gì trong phần thi PET Speaking & PET Writing để đạt được kết quả tốt?
    • Và bạn cần cập nhật Đề Thi Pet 23-7-2022 như một ví dụ thực tế để chuẩn bị cho kỳ thi trong tương lai?

Bài viết này dành cho bạn!!!

Đề Thi Pet 23-7-2023 (Speaking)

  • Part 1: Chào hỏi và một vài câu hỏi nhỏ.
  • Part 2: Mô tả tranh (ảnh minh họa trong phần lời giải).
  • Part 3: Trao đổi với 1 bạn cùng thi về chủ đề: 1 người cùng với anh trai mới chuyển tới thị trấn mới và 2 người hàng xóm rủ họ đi chơi ở 1 nơi trong thị trấn. Thảo luận để chọn một nơi: park, skateboard club, restaurant, shopping mall, zoo, theater. .
  • Part 4: Giám khảo hỏi 2 thí sinh thi chung cặp về outdoor activities.
    • Do you often spend time for outdoor activities?
    • Should people spend time for outdoor activities?
    • If you could go to somewhere, where would you like to go with your family?

Đề Thi Pet 23-7-2023 (Writing)

Part 1: Viết 1 email khoảng 100 từ trả lời cô giáo về việc cô sẽ tổ chức 1 photography exhibition. Với 04 gợi ý:
  • Great!
  • Chủ đề nào tốt hơn, “the clothes people wear” hay “the building people live in”?
  • Nên tổ chức cái exhibition ở khu vực nào trong trường
  • What can you do to help me?
Part 2: Viết 1 article (bài báo) khoảng 100 từ về chủ đề:
Some schools don’t allow students to bring mobile phones to school.
    • What are the rules about mobile phones of your school?
    • What are the good and bad points of bringing mobile phones to school?

Lời Giải Tham Khảo Đề Thi Pet 23-7-2023 (Speaking)

Part 2

Picture 1: This picture shows me someone who looks like a boy preparing for a family picnic in the forest.
In the background, I can see a van that might be used as a shelter for this family.
The boy in the middle of this picture is probably cooking something on a camping stove. Behind him are some items, like an ice box and chairs.
At the front, a dog is standing near a table. Everything is surrounded by an idyllic atmosphere of trees and unbroken sunshine.
Maybe it’s in the morning, and the boy is preparing breakfast for his family picnic.
de thi pet 23-7-2023 - anh ngu thien an
Picture 2: Taking a look at this picture, I see a group of three female friends sitting and taking selfies.
The girl with blond hair on the left is wearing a T-shirt and jeans. She is looking at her friend’s phone. The middle girl in the jacket and jeans has brown hair, and together with the other blond girl in the blouse and jeans, they are touching the phone’s screen with their bare hands.
They are all posing for a selfie with the phone’s front camera.
They’re probably bosom buddies and having a whale of time after school.

Part 3

A: Hi!
B: Hi!
A: As you can see, we have some places in the town here to suggest they visit; it’s quite interesting, right?
B: Yes, I believe that they, especially the two newcomers to this area, can’t wait to do it. I am always excited to help newcomers fit in with their new neighborhood.
A: So do I. Well, I think they should swing by the skateboard club, where they can both enjoy playing sports and engaging in something healthy.
B: Yes, and in such a club, it’s really cool to strike up friendships with people who share their common interests, right?
A: That’s right. About you? Do you have another choice?
B: Well, give me a second; yes, why don’t they drop by the theater? I think they might catch the latest movies or plays.
A: Yes, but I suppose they’re extroverted, so this option doesn’t apply to them as it’s quite boring.
B: Yeah, thanks for your reminder.
A: How about the shopping mall?
B: That’s a great idea. The newcomers can buy something useful for, uh, let me see, a housewarming party. It’s cool?
A: You make me excited, guy. More importantly, going to the mall is an excellent way for their neighbors to walk them around town after shopping.
B: That’s a good idea. But let’s look at the other destinations before making a final decision. What do you think about the zoo and park?
A: Uhm, they’re not bad choices. However, I’m afraid they don’t have taste in doing something relaxing. It would be better if they chose them after a long time, especially after they could find their feet at the new accommodations.
B: Uh uh. The last choice is a restaurant. How do you think?
A: We can take it into consideration. I think all of them are sort of into partying, but as we mentioned above, a housewarming party at home would be an ideal choice since they could invite more neighbors and friends to celebrate and have a whale of time.
A: So, it’s time for a decision. I think we had better choose a shopping mall. The skateboard club is cool, but they ought to think of it later.
B: Yes, word up, guy!

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Lời Giải Tham Khảo Đề Thi Pet 23-7-2023 (Writing)

Part 1 (Email - 101 words)

Dear teacher,
Thanks for your email. It’s great to know your intention!
I’m kind of keen on buildings, but I believe that my classmates would be over the moon if the exhibition was about attire, as this subject might furnish us with knowledge of culture and history represented by the clothes through periods.
If I were you, I would opt for the lounge for students in the lobby. This place is spacious enough for such an event.
I find it in my heart to help you collect the real photos of clothes from the school’s library.
See you soon!
Best regards,

Part 2 (Article - 100 words)

Mobile phones are an indispensable part of our lives. For this reason, there is no punishment for using cell phones at my school as long as we do not use them to cheat on tests and exams. They must leave their phones outside the classroom in these cases.
Justifiably, bringing their phones to school helps students keep in contact with their parents, especially in emergencies. They can also record the lectures or something important for later revision.
However, many students get distracted from lessons with their smartphones in class. They surf social networks or even watch movies or listen to music; this shows that they disdain their teacher and studying.

Tổng Kết Đề Thi Pet 23-7-2023

Đề Thi Pet 23-7-2023 phần thi Speaking & Writing đưa ra những câu hỏi mà theo đánh giá của thầy cô là vừa sức với các thí sinh. Tất nhiên, các sĩ tử cần có sự luyện tập hai kỹ năng này thật nhiều trước ngày thi để nâng cao kỹ năng phản xạ. Thầy cô tin, với sự cố gắng nhất định, các bạn đã thi sẽ đạt được kết quả như hay thậm chí vượt mong đợi đấy.

Trường hợp bạn chưa thi PET, bạn có thể tham khảo khóa học luyện thi PET ở Anh ngữ Thiên Ân nhé. Hiện có cả khóa luyện thi PET cấp tốc 1.5 tháng và khóa luyện thi PET ôn từ căn bản 3 tháng để các bạn lựa chọn. 

Chúc các bạn thành công với đề thi PET trong tương lai nhé!

(Nguồn: Anh ngữ Thiên Ân – Đề Thi Pet 23-7-2023 | Lời Giải Speaking & Writing Từ Anh Ngữ Thiên Ân – Vui lòng trích dẫn nguồn khi copy bài viết sang website khác) 

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