giai de thi vstep 24-12-2022 - anh ngu thien an

Đề Thi VSTEP 24-12-2022

Đề Thi Vstep 24-12-2022 | Speaking & Writing

    • Bạn đang luyện thi VSTEP (B1-B2-C1)?
    • Bạn cần tham khảo bài mẫu để tự tin luyện thi VSTEP?
    • Bạn không biết nên thể hiện gì trong phần thi VSTEP Speaking & VSTEP Writing để đạt được kết quả tốt?
    • Và bạn cần cập nhật Đề Thi Vstep 24-12-2022 như một ví dụ thực tế để chuẩn bị cho kỳ thi trong tương lai?

Bài viết này dành cho bạn!!!

Part 1: 2 topics (3 questions/topic)

  • Family
  • Friends

Part 2: Your close friends are going to get married and they invited you to their wedding party. You are considering a present for them. You have three options. Let’s choose the best option for him/her.

  • Money
  • Jewelry
  • Couple clothes
Part 3: School life is essential for pupils to become mature and prepare for their student life in the future.”
  • Build confidence
  • Make more friends
  • Accumulate knowledge and skills
  • Your own idea
(Câu này thí sinh lên ý tưởng và trình bày rõ 3 ideas trên để chứng minh nhận định ban đầu. Quan điểm thứ 4 là tùy chọn, nên có nếu cần điểm B2 hoặc C1.)
Part 1: Write an email
Part 2: Essay – The breakthrough of the Internet has paved the way for the development of humanity in various fields. However, this technological achievement has also left undeniable drawbacks to our life. Discuss the advantages of the Internet which outweigh the disadvantages.

Lời Giải Tham Khảo Đề Thi Vstep 24-12-2022 (Speaking)

Part 2

Out of these choices, I think I will give my friends some pieces of jewelry. There are some reasons for this choice.
Initially, I suppose that silver or gold jewelry is a unique present for us to give to our close friends on a special occasion like a wedding. We may think of rings, necklaces, or bracelets, which are not only precious gifts but also exclusive gadgets to help dignify our friends’ beauty and luxury, especially the bride at a wedding party. 
Moreover, it is worth giving them a piece of jewelry because it can be used for a long time, thereby evoking memories of our friendship in their minds. In this way, we can keep in touch with each other because, once looking at the present, my friends will remember me. For this reason, more importantly, I hold a belief that the present will be lovingly and faithfully preserved. 
Meanwhile, should I give my friends money, I think they will not recognize anything special because money is too common to be considered. It is difficult to make a difference or give an impression with this choice.
And, couple clothes, I reckon that we need to know our friends’ tastes in fashion. It would be terrible if we bought some couple clothing that did not fit their body or were not suitable for their taste because they might just use them for decoration.
In a nutshell, I believe that I should give my friends some pieces of jewelry to celebrate their wedding.
think, give, friend, give, close, friend, think, only, also, help, friend, party, use, long, time, look, friend, remember, give, friend, money, think, money, too, difficult, make, give, know, friend, buy, body, use, give, friend, the present, there are
piece, jewelry, reason, silver, gold, jewelry, special, ring, necklace, bracelet, gift, especially, piece, jewelry, memory, way, keep, once, reason, hold, special, difference, fashion, terrible, just, believe, piece, jewelry, each other, i suppose
choice, choice, present, occasion, wedding, beauty, luxury, bride, wedding, friendship, mind, present, more, present, meanwhile, recognize, common, consider, choice, couple, need, taste, couple, suitable, taste, celebrate, wedding, that, not, be, the present, out, keep in touch
initially, unique, precious, exclusive, moreover, touch, importantly, belief, preserve, impression, clothing, decoration
gadget, thereby, suppose that
giai de thi vstep 24-12-2022 - anh ngu thien an

Part 3

There is no doubt true that there are a variety of ways to help pupils become mature and independent. One of them is school life where not only do pupils access to academic aspects, but they can also have a good preparation for their student life in the future.  
First, as teenagers, pupils need a positive school life to gradually build confidence. Overcoming their shyness or controlling their anxiety under the circumstances happening at school is at the core of the growth of the young. For example, that pupils get so nervous before tests and exams is common, but if they have a chance to experience this at school, they could gain confidence in themselves as time goes on. In this way, they enter into the next stage of life, being a student with courage.  
Second, it would appear that school life steps in to getting familiar with a sense of community for pupils. School is an indispensable environment for them to make friends. The more connections they have with friends from various socio-cultural backgrounds, the more community spirit they could experience. Consequently, they know how to be a part in a community and contribute positively to that community.  
Finally, cumulative knowledge and skills are the heart of the matter. During school life, pupils are exposed to a body of knowledge which plays a fundamental part in the growth of their awareness. In addition, the contemporary pre-university curriculum puts an emphasis on the interpersonal skills of learners. This means that experiencing school life helps prepare themselves for the next stage of life which is more challenging – student life with necessary command and skills. 
For the reasons mentioned above, I hold the belief that the student experience at school is critical to the development of the student’s maturity and preparation for the student experience after high school.
help, life, where, only, also, good, student, life, first, school, life, school, young, example, get, test, school, time, go, life, student, school, life, get, school, make, friend, friend, know, how, part, school, life, body, play, part, school, life, help, life, student, life, student, school, student, student, school, for example, there are, there is
true, way, teenager, build, happen, so, exam, way, enter, next, stage, various, finally, heart, put, mean, prepare, next, stage, reason, hold, high, the future, the matter
doubt, variety, pupil, independent, pupil, access, preparation, future, pupil, need, positive, pupil, nervous, common, chance, gain, appear, step, familiar, sense, pupil, connection, cultural, background, knowledge, skill, pupil, knowledge, curriculum, skill, experience, challenge, necessary, skill, mention, experience, development, preparation, experience, the future, that, not, be, one, in addition, the heart of
academic, aspect, gradually, confidence, overcome, control, anxiety, circumstance, growth, confidence, courage, community, environment, community, spirit, consequently, community, positively, community, matter, expose, growth, addition, contemporary, emphasis, learner, command, belief, critical
shyness, contribute, awareness
core, indispensable, fundamental

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Lời Giải Tham Khảo Đề Thi Vstep 24-12-2022 (Writing)

Part 2 (Essay - About 250 words)

Admittedly, one of the most important inventions in the world is the advent of the Internet, which has become an indispensable part of our lives. Not only does the Internet help connect people and facilitate forms of entertainment to develop, but it can also promote advances in different fields. However, there are a few disadvantages to using the Internet that must be considered.
On the one hand, a sedentary lifestyle and health problems among Internet users have come to the fore these days. With so many appealing and diverse leisure activities available in cyberspace, Internet users, particularly juveniles, can easily become addicted to it. Consequently, they spend much time surfing the Internet in lieu of going out for outdoor activities. Also, using the Internet with technological devices like computers or smartphones on a regular basis means that our health could become vulnerable to contemporary diseases. When it comes to this issue, myopia and obesity are prime examples.
On the other hand, the upside of the Internet is too important to be neglected. Firstly, since the Internet was invented, we have applied various online mediums of communication to get in touch with one another. For example, most of us might get used to using emails, social networks, online chat rooms, and some applications such as Viber, Zalo, and Whatsapp for our work and lives. Secondly, most of us may prefer to enjoy many forms of entertainment on the Internet. For instance, watching movies or video clips, updating news, and playing games have become our habit-forming activities. Moreover, these play an important role in helping us avoid stress and boring feelings. Finally, with the Internet in production as a whole, we can keep manufacturing and transferring information smoothly. Actually, it is easy to have discussions on work, update and transfer data, or access science and technology by means of the Internet.
In conclusion, for the reasons mentioned above, it is my firm conviction that the advantages of the Internet overshadow its disadvantages. (330 words)
important, world, part, life, only, help, people, also, different, use, hand, problem, come, day, time, go, also, computer, when, come, example, hand, too, important, get, example, get, use, room, work, life, enjoy, watch, movie, play, game, important, help, boring, easy, have, work, for example, there are
most, form, field, however, health, so, activity, available, easily, surfing, activity, use, regular, mean, health, various, online, use, online, chat, prefer, form, video, news, form, activity, play, finally, whole, keep, information, actually, science, mean, reason, a few, such as, these days
invention, entertainment, develop, promote, disadvantage, consider, user, leisure, user, particularly, outdoor, disease, issue, invent, apply, communication, social, application, entertainment, update, habit, role, stress, feeling, transfer, discussion, update, transfer, access, technology, conclusion, mention, advantage, disadvantage, get in touch, that, for instance, not, be, one, another, one another, out, by
admittedly, advance, lifestyle, appeal, diverse, addicted, consequently, technological, device, basis, contemporary, firstly, touch, network, secondly, moreover, avoid, production, manufacturing, smoothly, firm
facilitate, obesity, neglect, instance
indispensable, connect, sedentary, vulnerable, prime, medium, conviction
giai de thi vstep 24-12-2022 - anh ngu thien an

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