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Đề Thi VSTEP 25-10-2023

Đề Thi Vstep 25-10-2023 | Speaking & Writing

      • Bạn đang luyện thi VSTEP (B1-B2-C1) và cần cập nhật Đề Thi Vstep?
      • Bạn cần tham khảo bài mẫu để tự tin luyện thi VSTEP?
      • Bạn không biết nên thể hiện gì trong phần thi VSTEP Speaking & VSTEP Writing để đạt được kết quả tốt?
      • Và bạn cần cập nhật Đề Thi Vstep 25-10-2023 như một ví dụ thực tế để chuẩn bị cho kỳ thi trong tương lai?

Bài viết này dành cho bạn!!!

Mục Lục

Part 1: 2 topics (3 questions/topic)

  • Coffee shop
  • Bookstore

Part 2:

You are a teacher who wants to assess your students’ behaviors. What would you do? You have three options. Let’s choose the best option.
  • Your students assess themselves
  • You yourself assess your students
  • Your students’ peers assess their classmates
Part 3: There are several ways to overcome sadness.”
  • Listen to music
  • Share with others
  • Do exercise
  • Your own idea
(Câu này thí sinh lên ý tưởng và trình bày rõ 3 ideas trên để chứng minh nhận định ban đầu. Quan điểm thứ 4 là tùy chọn, nên có nếu cần điểm B2 hoặc C1.)
Part 1: Write an email

Part 2: Essay –

What are the advantages and disadvantages of homeschooling?

Lời Giải Tham Khảo Đề Thi Vstep 25-10-2023 (Speaking)

Part 2

Among these options, I would like to evaluate my students as their teacher. This decision can be explained by the following factors:
First, a teacher’s evaluation can ensure objectivity in the evaluation of students’ behaviors. It is believed that, unlike students, teachers have rational thought processes and therefore take each student’s behavior into careful consideration. Thus, teachers devoid of irrational analysis are able to avoid erroneous assessments of students’ behaviors and attitudes. In addition, if schools grant teachers the authority to evaluate their students’ conduct, I believe this will be an effective method for keeping all of their students working in harmony. Peer assessments will almost certainly damage students’ relationships with their classmates.
In the meantime, I like how we allow students to self-evaluate, but I believe this is subjective. It is persuasive to assert that students can be biased in favor of their own behaviors. Actually, not everyone is willing to acknowledge that what we did was inappropriate, or they may insist that their actions and attitudes are acceptable. Moreover, this method may foster a bad personality in students by encouraging them to deflect responsibility by blaming others.
And peer evaluations, which appear persuasive, may have negative effects. As stated previously, students are likely to harm their friends or, in the worst-case scenario, their relationships can be severed as a result of inaccurate and unfair evaluations made by their peers.
In a nutshell, I believe I would prefer a teacher’s evaluation of students’ conduct.
  • Ensure objectivity in ST: Đảm bảo sự khách quan trong việc gì
  • Rational thought processes: Quá trình suy nghĩ lý tính
  • Take ST into consideration = Consider ST
  • Be devoid of ST = completely without ST
  • Erroneous assessment = Sự đánh giá sai lệch
  • Grant SO ST to do ST: Cho ai đó quyền làm gì
  • Work in harmony: Làm việc trong sự hòa hợp
  • Self-evaluate: Tự đánh giá
  • It is persuasive to do ST: Thật là thuyết phục để làm gì
  • Be biased favor of ST: Thiên vị ủng hộ điều gì
  • Foster a bad personality in SO: Định hình tính cách xấu vào ai đó
  • Deflect = Deny responsibility: Phủ nhận trách nhiệm
  • In the worst-case scenario: Trong tình huống tệ nhất
  • Severe = Destroy = Ruine = Damage

Part 3

To be honest, sadness is something unavoidable in life. However, it is worthwhile for us to get over it soon. To my mind, some solutions as below should be applied to do it.
First, some people listen to music as a remedy for overcoming depression. There are a variety of genres of music that we can enjoy, such as pop, jazz, rock, soothing, and instrumental music. When listening to music, indeed, we can immerse ourselves in melodies and lyrics, thereby getting things off our minds, and as a result, our sadness is likely to go away. Besides, not few studies have suggested that music assists us in healing our pains. Gentle songs are proven effective in soothing our souls and producing positive energy for our bodies.
Second, many of us with deep sadness opt for sharing with others to dispel it. Normally, once sadness creeps over us, family and friends come to our minds as trustworthy mainstays. Sharing with them and being listened with great enthusiasm partly help us get over our bad feelings. After that, we are able to get confident and return to our usual state of psychology. Moreover, our beloved ones, like buddies friends and family members, are willing to give us sound advice. In this way, we can know how to figure out the problems.
Lastly, it is worth doing exercise as a way to get over sadness. This option is similar to the first one, listening to music, because we can concentrate mentally on physical movements, thereby making our worries go away. However, more importantly, doing workout even helps us get fighting fit and feel at ease. With physical and mental wellbeing, we are likely to let our hair down and take a sanguine view of our situation.
  • It is worthwhile for O to V1: Thật là quan trọng để làm gì
  • Get over = Overcome
  • As a remedy for ST: Như là một cách cho việc gì
  • Depression = Sadness
  • Genre of music: Thể loại nhạc
  • Instrumental music: Nhạc không lời
  • Immerse oneself in ST: Đắm chìm bản thân ai đó trong việc gì
  • Get things off one’s mind: Tạm quên đi mọi thứ
  • Go away = disappear
  • Soothe our souls: Lắng đọng tâm hồn chúng ta
  • Dispel: Xua tan
  • Creep over: (Cảm xúc) dần xâm chiếm
  • Trustworthy mainstays: Những chỗ dựa đáng tin cậy
  • Our usual state of psychology: Trạng thái tâm lý bình thường
  • Buddy friends: Những người bạn thân
  • Sound advice: Lời khuyên hữu ích
  • Figure out = Resolve
  • Concentrate mentally on physical movements: Tập trung tinh thần vào những chuyển động thể lý
  • Get fighting fit = Keep fit
  • Feel at ease = Feel comfortable
  • Physical and mental wellbeing: Sự khỏe mạnh về thể lý và tinh thần
  • Let one’s hair down = Relax
  • Take a sanguine view of ST: Có cái nhìn lạc quan về điều gì

Xem nhanh lịch học

Lời Giải Tham Khảo Đề Thi Vstep 25-10-2023 (Writing)

Part 2 (Essay - About 250 words)

In comparison with the past, there are many forms of education applied to people these days as a result of the increasing need for studying. One of the contemporary educational methods that has attracted people’s great attention is homeschooling. In my opinion, this method has both benefits and drawbacks.
On the one hand, the advantages that homeschooling brings about are truly undeniable. Initially, there is a guarantee that this education initiative could help learners experience a safer and healthier educational environment. In fact, the high incidence of problems at traditional schools, such as school violence and cheating on tests or exams, has been at an alarming rate. Being the victims of bullying or shaping bad behaviors in their children might cause worries among parents. Homeschooling, therefore, might help their kids stay away from these problems and stay focused on studying. Besides, spending much time learning knowledge and having discussions about everything surrounding it is worth doing. The more meaningful moments parents and children could experience together, the more chances they could seize to bond in their relationships.
However, homeschooling’s disadvantages are too tangible to be overlooked. Firstly, it is not easy to claim that homeschooling could guarantee a better quality of education for learners than that at conventional schools. Actually, should they study at home, they are not likely to be equipped with facilities such as libraries, laboratories, and playgrounds. Also, many people usually attribute the knowledge overload to the main reason why they are not willing to send their children to school; however, they also have difficulties defining what knowledge is essential for them. Moreover, children need to study in an environment like schools, which helps them both absorb theoretical knowledgeand practice it through hands-on activities with their friends. Admittedly, aside from studying in class, children also get the time to enhance soft skills together. For example, teamwork and resolving problems play a vital role in their maturation in the future. Finally, homeschooling has not been proven to be efficient due to a lack of qualifications for learners. Indeed, after children expend a period of time studying at school, they will receive degrees or other forms of graduation recognition, which will help them fulfill some requirements later. By way of illustration, enrolling in higher education or applying for scholarships or jobs.
In conclusion, it seems to me that homeschooling exerts both positive and negative effects on learners. (399 words)
  • The contemporary educational method: Phương pháp giáo dục đương đại
  • There is a guarantee that: Có sự đảm bảo rằng
  • Education initiative: Sáng kiến giáo dục
  • The high incidence of: Tỷ lệ cao của
  • At an alarming rate: Tỷ lệ đáng báo động
  • Being the victims of bullying: Là nạn nhân của việc bắt nạt
  • Be worth doing: Đáng để làm
  • Be too tangible to be overlooked: Quá rõ ràng đến nỗi không thể xem nhẹ
  • Attribute ST to ST: Quy điều gì cho điều gì
  • Absorb theoretical knowledge: Học kiến thức lý thuyết
  • Hands-on activities: Những hoạt động thực tế
  • Enhance soft skills: Cải thiện kỹ năng mềm
  • Play a vital role: Đóng vai trò quan trọng
  • By way of illustration = For example
  • Exert positive and negative effects on SO: Sản sinh những tác động tích cực và tiêu cực lên ai đó

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