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Đề Thi VNU-EPT 5-10-2019

Speaking Part 2 & Writing Essay

Đề Thi VNU-EPT 5-10-2019 | (Để lại email cuối bài để nhận file pdf)

Các sĩ tử thi VNU-EPT thân mến!

Đề thi VNU-EPT 5-10 vừa qua mang đến cho các sĩ tử thi VNU-EPT những đề thi khá mới mẻ và thú vị, bên cạnh đó đòi hỏi khả năng lập luận khéo léo của thí sinh. Cụ thể :

Speaking Part 2 đề thi VNU-EPT 5-10-2019 hỏi : What season do you like the most?

Writing Task 2 đề thi VNU-EPT 5-10-2019 hỏi : Should parents ask their children to do housework?

Nếu bạn đã luyện tập VNU-EPT thường xuyên thông qua việc tập Speaking & Writing Essay theo hướng dẫn của thầy cô trên lớp thì không quá khó khăn để giải quyết những đề này. 

Cùng xem qua lời giải tham khảo và học thêm các từ vựng, mẫu câu lẫn ideas hữu ích cho đề thi VNU-EPT 5-10-2019 này nhé!

Speaking Part 2 (Đề Thi VNU-EPT 5-10-2019)

Câu hỏi : What season do you like the most?

The season I really like is the summerThere are some reasons for this choice. 
Firstly, I often have many days off without going to school. At that time, I’m keen on going home to enjoy the cozy atmosphere in my family. In fact, visiting my family and relatives makes me happy to share with them everything in terms of studying, work or life. Besides, I can also enjoy hobbies to release stress. For example, I have preference in playing sports, reading books and watching movies.

Speaking Part 2 (Đề Thi VNU-EPT 5-10-2019)

Secondly, it’s undeniable that the summer is the ideal time for going travelling. I can get away from it all to immerse myself in the stunning landscape. This activity helps me relax after working, studying and recharge my battery. Moreover, I can spend much time dispelling the heat of summer at beaches such as Da Nang, Vung Tau, Nha Trang. 

Finally, I can devote free time to taking a certain useful course. This helps improve myself because I can furnish myself with solid and soft skills like English, communication, presentation and so on. Also, joining in a course helps me avoid the sedentary lifestyle in this off-season. Therefore, I can become a social butterfly and expand many relationships.
Those are 3 reasons why I choose the summer.

  • Be keen on = Be interested in = Like
  • Cozy atmosphere: Bầu không khí ấm cúng
  • In terms of (idiom): Về mặt
  • Have preference in: Thích hơn
  • Get away from it all (idiom): Đi du lịch để thư giãn
  • Immerse in (v): Đắm chìm trong
  • Stunning landscape: Phong cảnh đẹp
  • Recharge my battery: Nạp lại năng lượng
  • Dispel the heat of summer: Xua tan cái nóng mùa hè
  • Devote to = Spend time
  • Furnish with (v): Trang bị
  • Sedentary lifestyle: Lối sống lười vận động
  • Social butterfly: Người hòa đồng
de thi vnu-ept - anh ngu thien an

Writing Essay (Đề Thi VNU-EPT 5-10-2019)

Câu hỏi : Should parents ask their children to do housework?
Mở Bài

When it comes to whether parents should ask their children to do housework, some people opine that parents had better do this whilst others think it is no use. In my opinion, I subscribe to the view that we had better let our offspring share housework.

Thân Bài 1

First, should parents ask children do housework, they can help them practice seriously lessons of sharing responsibility. Actually, children really need be aware of role and responsibility of others in family. They need know that while they attend school, their parents have to work or even so do siblings. As a result, everyone should support each other by a means of way like doing housework. Besides, once they are in charge of certain household chores, they can expect a sense of achievement. By this way, children could feel empathetic to their parents’ hardness in work so that they remind themselves to help parents and make effort once doing something.

Thân Bài 2

Second, parents could have a work-life balance with the help of their kids in housework. In fact, fathers and mothers these days really apply themselves to earn a living in a modern society. If they must care about housework on their own, they are likely to get stressed. However, the less burden of housework could be, the more balance in work and life they can have. They can devote free time to entertainment or upbringing in a comfortable way.

Thân Bài 3

Final, youngsters can get a chance with doing housework to improve their ability of observation. Imagine that children do nothing but studying and routines, which make them expose to some risks. For example, they could spend much time playing video games after school that help them learn nothing and they might immerse themselves in the sedentary lifestyleContrary to that outlook, household chores help furnish children with skills of observation and solving problems. When they sweep or mop the floor, they are forced to be meticulous in cleaning up or they can enhance the logical thinking skill once arranging furniture.

Kết Bài

In conclusion, it seems to me that children help their parents do housework is really necessary because of the aforementioned benefits. (355 words)

  • When it comes to: Khi nhắc đến
  • Opine that (v): Bày tỏ quan điểm
  • Whilst = While
  • It is no use (idiom): Không đáng làm gì
  • Subscribe to the view: Đồng ý quan điểm
  • Offspring (n) = Children
  • Attend school = Go to school
  • A means of: Phương thức
  • Household chores (n) = Housework
  • Sense of achievement: Cảm giác hoàn thành công việc
  • Empathetic (adj) = Enthusiastic
  • Make effort: Nỗ lực
  • Work-life balance (n): Sự cân bằng trong cuộc sống và công việc
  • Apply oneself: Làm việc chăm chỉ
  • The + so sánh hơn …, the + so sánh hơn ….
  • Devote to = Expend in/on = Spend on
  • Youngsters = children
  • Expose to (v): Tiếp xúc với (điều gì đó xấu)
  • Immerse in (v): Đắm chìm trong
  • Sedentary lifestyle; Lối sống lười vận động
  • Contrary to that: Ngược lại với
  • Furnish with (adj): Trang bị với
  • Aforementioned (adj): Đã được nhắc đến
de thi vnu-ept - anh ngu thien an
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