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Đề Thi VNU-EPT 30-11-2019

Speaking Part 2 & Writing Essay

Đề Thi VNU-EPT 30-11-2019 | (Để lại email cuối bài để nhận file pdf)

Các sĩ tử thi VNU-EPT thân mến!

Đề thi VNU-EPT 30-11 vừa qua đã khiến nhiều sĩ tử thi VNU-EPT vất vả đôi chút vì cả đề Speaking Part 2 VNU-EPT và Writing Task 2 VNU-EPT đều mới và đòi hỏi khả năng lập luận khéo léo của thí sinh. Cụ thể :

Speaking Part 2 đề thi VNU-EPT 30-11-2019 hỏi : Talk about difficulties in life you have suffered.

Writing Task 2 đề thi VNU-EPT 30-11-2019 hỏi : Qualities of a good leader.

Hai đề này tuy khá mới tuy nhiên, nếu bạn đã luyện tập VNU-EPT thường xuyên thông qua việc tập Speaking & Writing Essay theo hướng dẫn của thầy cô trên lớp thì không quá khó khăn. Đặc biệt kinh nghiệm lên ý tưởng của thầy cô khi gặp phải đề khó như thế này hoàn toàn phát huy tác dụng.

Cùng xem qua lời giải tham khảo và học thêm các từ vựng, mẫu câu lẫn ideas hữu ích cho đề thi VNU-EPT 30-11-2019 này nhé!

Speaking Part 2 (Đề Thi VNU-EPT 30-11-2019)

Câu hỏi : Talk about difficulties in life you have suffered.
I am going to share with you about some of the difficulties which I have experienced in recent days.
Firstly, I would like to talk about my problem in orientating my future career. I am currently a third year student specializing in English. Well, I have known that I can have difficulty landing a decent job based on using language. I used to get confused and asked for advice from my lecturer. She suggested me to study another degree after I graduate which may help me open the doors to many job opportunities.

Speaking Part 2 (Đề Thi VNU-EPT 30-11-2019)

Secondly, life has a lot of things to worry about, therefore; my second concern is earning money for my tuition and supporting my parents other expenses. I have found a part time job as an English teaching assistant. Although I have a heavy timetable of work and studying, it is worth getting a part-time job because I can gain many valuable lessons.  

Finally, studying for the exam and working on projects to submit them before deadlines are the most stressful dilemma. I only spend six hours sleeping every night. However, no matter how difficult I get, I still try my best to bone up on my lessons and pass subjects with flying color.
In brief, everyone has their own difficulties, but we have to know how to cope with them and be strong to overcome them.
+ Orient ST (v) : Định hướng
+ Specialize in ST (v) : Chuyên về 
+ Have difficulty (in) V_ing : Gặp khó khăn
+ Land a decent job : Có công việc tốt
+ Open the door to ST : Mở cánh cửa đến
+ It’s worth / deserved + V_ing : Đáng để làm gì
+ Dilemma (n) : Hoàn cảnh chỉ được chọn 1 trong 2 cách
+ Spend + time + (on) V_ing
+ No matter how + adj + S + V : Dù … thế nào đi nữa
+ Bone up on (phr. v.) : Ôn lại
+ Pass ST with flying color : Vượt qua ST với kết quả cao
+ Cope with (phr. v.) : Đối phó
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Be With You - Reach Your Target!

Writing Essay (Đề Thi VNU-EPT 30-11-2019)

Câu hỏi : Qualities of a good leader.
Mở Bài

It is undeniable that one of the main factors that lead a company to success is the leaders. They are like the captains of a ship to guide it through the stormy sea by means of their leadership qualities. This essay will indicate three qualities which a good leader has to possess.  

Thân Bài 1

Firstly, a good listener can make a good leader. It is obvious that a big company has multiple levels of power which make it impossible for all employees to get in touch with their upper managers. As a result, their ideas are not liable to be listened to and considered. This may let them feel less respected and afraid of contributing to the development of the company. In contrast, when the manager knows how to listen to their subordinates, they can get more ideas from them to take them into account whether which is the best one to develop the company.  

Thân Bài 2

Secondly, a good leader should be visionary to make good decisions. Evidence suggests, in the business world with endless changes and advances, leaders or even entrepreneurs need show the great foresight to prepare themselves and their company thoroughly in case of unforeseen situations. For example, the feasibility of certain projects or strategies can be ensured if virtually everything in respect of them is under a leader’s control. Besides, a leader needs keep himself/herself updated information in terms of trends or needs of customers in the long run.   

Thân Bài 3

Finally, teamwork skill is one of the most important elements that helps a company go further and a good leader needs to be capable of delegating and managing teamwork. When assigning work to a suitable person, they can exert profound effects. It can also motivate them to apply themselves and work in a creative way. Moreover, having a good command of this skill steps in to save a manager’s time to supervise the working process of others and generate a cooperative atmosphere at the workplace. The more proficient at teamwork skill a manager is, the less counterproductive effects they could bring about.  

Kết Bài

In conclusion, a good leader should be a good listener, decision-maker and they also apply teamwork skills to working and managing their work. (365 words)  

+ It is undeniable that + S + V
+ By means of ST (idiom) : Nhờ vào
+ Possess quality (n) : Sở hữu phẩm chất
+ Get in touch with : Liên lạc với
+ Be liable / likely to : Có khả năng
+ Subordinate (n) : Cấp dưới
+ Take ST into account / consideration = Consider / Ponder ST
+ Evidence suggests : Bằng chứng cho thấy
+ Show great foresight : Thể hiện khả năng dự liệu tuyệt vời
+ In case of = In the event of ST : Trong trường hợp
+ The feasibility of ST : Tính khả thi của ST
+ In respect of = With respect to = Related to
+ Keep O updated : Giữ cho O được cập nhật
+ In terms of (idiom) : Về mặt
+ In the long run (idiom) : Về lâu về dài
+ Exert profound effect : Tạo ra tác động đáng kể
+ Apply oneself : Chăm chỉ làm việc
+ In a creative way = Creatively
+ Have a good command of ST : Giỏi về điều gì đó
+ Step in = Help
+ The more…., the less…: So sánh kép
+ Counterproductive effect : Tác động xấu
+ Bring about = Produce
+ Decision-maker : Người ra quyết định
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