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Đề Thi VNU-EPT 23-5-2020

Speaking Part 2 & Writing Essay

Đề Thi VNU-EPT 23-5-2020 | (Để lại email cuối bài để nhận file pdf)

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Đề thi VNU-EPT 23-5-2020 vừa qua theo nhận định của nhiều sĩ tử thi VNU-EPT đã học tại Anh ngữ Thiên Ân khá dễ thở vì đề thi VNU-EPT Speaking Part 2 trùng với nội dung học trên lớp và cũng đã được ra thi vào ngày 09-05-2020 vừa qua. Bên cạnh đó, đề thi VNU-EPT Essay cũng giống với ngày 10-05-2020 đã được cho ra. Cụ thể:

Speaking Part 2 đề thi VNU-EPT 23-5-2020 hỏi : 
+ Đề 1 : Pointing out an important event in your life so far.
+ Đề 2 : Talk about your most memorable time in the past.
+ Đề 3: Talk about the important decision you have made.  

Writing Task 2 đề thi VNU-EPT 23-5-2020 hỏi : What do you think about disciplining children by using physical punishment?

Nếu bạn đã luyện tập VNU-EPT thường xuyên thông qua việc tập Speaking & Writing Essay theo hướng dẫn của thầy cô trên lớp thì không quá khó khăn để xử lý các đề này. 

Cùng xem qua lời giải tham khảo và học thêm các từ vựng, mẫu câu lẫn ideas hữu ích cho đề thi VNU-EPT 23-5-2020 này nhé! 

Speaking Part 2 (Đề Thi VNU-EPT 23-5-2020)

Câu hỏi : Pointing out an important event in your life so far. / Talk about your most memorable time in the past./Talk about the important decision you have made.

Today, I would like to share with you about an important event in my life so far / my most memorable time in the past / an important decision that I have made and the first thing that comes to my mind is when I chose a university for my student life. At that time, about nearly ten years ago, I was in a dilemma between choosing to study medicine and law. 

To tell you the truth, being a doctor has run in my family since my grandparents’ time, but I was interested in becoming a lawyer. When I was a high school student, I really admired lawyers because they have a good command of legal issues and make every effort to protect justice. Therefore, I had to consider two options, I either satisfied my family by enrolling in a medical university or pursued my passion for becoming a lawyer. 

Speaking Part 2 (Đề Thi VNU-EPT 23-5-2020)

At that time, it suddenly struck me who I need to consult and I visited my teacher. In the eyes of my classmates, he was a sympathetic and knowledgeable teacher. He gave me some sound advice and this did help me release a lot of pressure before making a final decision. After weighing up the pros and cons, I decided to follow my dream job, a lawyer.
Until now, this has been one of my important events in my life / most memorable time in the past / important decisions that I have made because I was in the face of adversities in terms of my passion, job opportunities in the future, and financial burdens during my upcoming student life. However, this helped me become mature and to be honest, I might not forget this.
+ Springs / Comes to mind my : Tôi chợt nhớ đến
+ In a dilemma between … and … : Ở hoàn cảnh lưỡng nan giữa … và ….
+ Run in my family : Truyền thống trong gia đình tôi
+ Have a good command of ST : Có kiến thức tốt về điều gì đó
+ Justice : Công lý
+ Enroll in : Ghi danh vào
+ Pursue my passion for ST : Theo đuổi đam mê
+ It suddenly strikes me who … : Chợt nảy ra trong đầu tôi người mà …
+ Sympathetic : Biết cảm thông
+ Sound advice : Lời khuyên giá trị
+ Weigh up the pros and cons : Cân nhắc lợi hại
+ In the face of adversity : Đối mặt với khó khăn
+ Become mature : Trở nên trưởng thành
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Be With You - Reach Your Target!

Writing Essay (Đề Thi VNU-EPT 10-5-2020)

Câu hỏi : What do you think about disciplining children by using physical punishment?
Mở Bài

There is no doubt true that there are different ways for parents to punish their children when they make mistakes; however, some people prefer to use physical punishment as a discipline and deterrent to their children. In my opinion, the drawbacks this brings about outweigh the benefits. 

Thân Bài 1

Initially, physical punishment might exert negative effects on children’s physical and mental well-being. Hurt, pains, and even injuries are the penalties of this type of discipline that children must experience. It is not an overstatement to say that this could hinder the offspring’s normal growth on a physical basis. Also, rigorous punishment may leave youngsters negative emotions like fear or even a sense of inferiority when facing new challenges. They might feel constrained from having a foray into new things because they suppose that doing nothing is sure not to commit a sinthereupon, they would not suffer punishment.  

Thân Bài 2

Next, physical punishments are likely to destroy bonds between parents and children. Kids might be obsessed with such violent penalties and day in, day out, they could become isolated from their parents and even other members in their family. Sparing little time for them is productive of this wrong method of education. Besides, if we do not have moderate and right control over our children, we may ruin the relationships with them. In the worst-case scenario, we would build a barrier between parents and children.  

Thân Bài 3

Eventually, perhaps children would glorify violence. They may consider physical punishments or violent behaviors as the foremost measure to resolve problems. Honestly, we are setting bad examples and letting children learn the hard way to apply to their life. Moreover, the problem would become worse once children must endure this in a long time. As a result, when they are grown up, they would tend to become violent and then, they might get stuck in tricky situations like conflicts, quarrels, or even crimes.  

Kết Bài

In conclusion, I do not tend towards the viewpoint that parents use physical punishments to discipline their children because the disadvantages are too important to be neglected. (340 words)   

+ There is no doubt true that : Không có gì nghi ngờ rằng
+ Make a mistake = Commit a sin : Phạm lỗi
+ Deterrent to SB : Sự răn đe đến ai
+ Drawback = Disadvantage
+ Outweigh : Quan trọng hơn, nhiều hơn
+ Exert effects on : Sản sinh tác động lên
+ Physical and mental well-being / development / growth : Sự phát triển về thể lý và tinh thần
+ The penalty of = Be productive of = As a result of
+ It is not an overstatement to say that : Thật không phải nói quá để nói rằng
+ Hinder the offspring’s normal growth on a physical basis : Cản trở sự phát triển bình thường của trẻ em về mặt thể lý
+ Rigorous = Strict : Nghiêm khắc
+ Leave SB ST : Để lại cho ai đó điều gì
+ A sense of inferiority : Cảm giác tự ti
+ Feel constrained from doing ST : Cảm giác rụt rè không dám làm gì
+ Have a foray into ST : Thử sức ở việc gì đó
+ Thereupon = Therefore
+ Bond : Mối quan hệ (thường thân quen trong gia đình)
+ Be obsessed by / with ST : Bị ám ảnh bởi
+ Day in, day out : Ngày qua ngày
+ Become isolated from ST / SB : Trở nên cô lập khỏi 
+ Spare time for ST / SB : Dành thời gian cho
+ Moderate : Có chừng mực
+ Control over ST / SB : Sự giám sát 
+ Ruin = Destroy
+ In the worst-case scenario : Hoàn cảnh xấu nhất
+ Build a barrier between A and B : Dựng ra một rào cản
+ Glorify violence : Tôn sùng bạo lực
+ Consider ST as ST : Xem như
+ Foremost : Trước hết
+ Set a bad example : Làm gương xấu
+ Learn the hard way : Học thói xấu
+ Endure = Suffer : Chịu đựng
+ Get stuck in ST : Vướng vào 
+ Tricky situation : Hoàn cảnh rắc rối
+ Quarrel : Sự cãi vả
+ I do not tend towards the viewpoint that : Tôi không nghiêng về quan điểm rằng
+ Be too important to be neglected : Quá quan trọng đến mức không thể bỏ qua
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