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Đề Thi VNU-EPT 10-04-2021 – Bài Giải Tham Khảo | Anh Ngữ Thiên Ân

Đề Thi VNU-EPT 10-04-2021 – Speaking Part 2 & Writing Essay

Đề Thi VNU-EPT 10-04-2021 | (Để lại email cuối bài để nhận file pdf)


Các sĩ tử thi VNU-EPT thân mến!

Đề thi VNU-EPT 10-04 vừa qua mang đến cho các sĩ tử thi VNU-EPT đề thi Writing Task 2 khá mới mẻ và thú vị đòi hỏi khả năng lập luận khéo léo của thí sinh, bên cạnh đó phần Speaking Part 2 khá quen thuộc vì đã được học tại Anh ngữ Thiên Ân và cũng chính là đề thi 20.3. Cụ thể :

Speaking Part 2 đề thi VNU-EPT 10-04-2021 hỏi : Do you like donating for a charity organization?

Writing Task 2 đề thi VNU-EPT 10-04-2021 hỏi : Do you want to save or spend more than what you earn? Why?

Nếu bạn đã luyện tập VNU-EPT thường xuyên thông qua việc tập Speaking & Writing Essay theo hướng dẫn của thầy cô trên lớp thì không quá khó khăn để giải quyết những đề này. Đặc biệt kinh nghiệm lên ý tưởng của thầy cô khi gặp phải đề khó như thế này hoàn toàn phát huy tác dụng.

Cùng xem qua lời giải tham khảo và học thêm các từ vựng, mẫu câu lẫn ideas hữu ích cho đề thi VNU-EPT 10-04-2021 này nhé!


Đề Thi VNU-EPT 10-04-2021 – Speaking Part 2 & Writing Essay

Câu hỏi : Do you like donating for a charity organization?
Well, when it comes to being a donor, I suppose that this is a good way for us to support the community, so I prefer to donate to a charity organization rather than an individual because of some reasons.

First, the operational rules of a charity organization make me feel assured. In effect, there is no guarantee that an individual might run a charity campaign as an organization with a series of stages such as raising money, sending a donation to people in need, managing documents, records, and so on. In contrast, the charity organization can carry out a campaign with the support of many people. They can keep everything not out of their control because of the operational rules. For example, they will release a fundraising event with realistic images and information concerning people in need to appeal to donors. Besides, they follow a proper procedure to donate to underprivileged people. Well, it’s up to their ears, so I suppose an individual is likely to have difficulties doing this.

Second, it would appear that a charity organization helps me send my donation to the right people who need my help. As I mentioned above, with human resources, the organization easily approaches people in need. Also, the charity organization is known as a reputable one because that’s the main reason why they can maintain their operation in the long run. As a result, when we donate to such a right organization, we hold a belief that our donation will be sent to people in need.

Finally, the overriding thing is that the charity organization can support hundreds of or even thousands of people in the same campaign. If we donate to an individual, we can likely help a minority of people. However, the charity organization can have many branches or representative offices, especially in the remote areas where underprivileged people are residing. In this way, they can get supports on time and in full. Moreover, the popularity of the charity organization will be a useful way for us to join hands to support the community, help decrease the number of people in need.


It is my firm conviction that we should donate to a charity organization.
Useful Expressions 1Useful Expressions 2
+ When it comes to: Khi nói đến (điều gì đó)
+ The operational rules: Các quy tắc hoạt động
+ Feel assured: Cảm thấy yên tâm
+ There is no guarantee that: Không có gì đảm bảo rằng
+ A series of: Một loạt các
+ Carry out: Thực hiện
+ Keep ST not out of their control: Giữ ST không nằm ngoài tầm kiểm soát của họ
+ Release a fundraising event: Phát động một sự kiện gây quỹ
+ Appeal to: Kêu gọi, thu hút
+ Follow a procedure: Làm theo quy trình
+ Underprivileged people: Những người kém may mắn
+ It’s up to their ears (in ST/doing ST): Rất bận rộn với việc gì
+ In the long run: Về lâu về dài
+ Hold a belief that: Giữ một niềm tin
+ The overriding thing: Điều quan trọng nhất
+ A minority of people: Một số ít người
+ Remote areas: Vùng sâu vùng xa
+ On time and in full: Kịp thời và đầy đủ
+ It is my firm conviction that: Tôi tin chắc rắng

Be With You – Reach Your Target!

Câu hỏi :  Do you want to save or spend more than what you earn? Why?

Mở Bài

It is undeniable that there has been an increase in expenditure when it comes to our lives these days. Meanwhile, savings-investment plays an important role as well for us to keep every expense in our control. In my case, I would like to save more than what I achieve, which brings about many outstanding benefits. 

Thân Bài 1

In the first place, it is worthwhile for us to spend less than what we earn because of unforeseeable difficulties in the future. In effect, we hardly ever know if what life holds in store for us, especially issues concerning money. For example, if we, unfortunately, get sickness or certain health problems, there is no place for any lateness of treatment expenses. Moreover, as has always been true in the business world, entrepreneurs seem to understand deeply that financial burdens or even crises of finance are common. As a result, they have to devote their resources to savings rather than spend more than what they earn from their business to easily cope with such unexpected situations. 

Thân Bài 2

In the second place, it would appear that good management of money helps pave the way for realizing upcoming plans. In general, most of us prefer to set new goals in our work and life and it is clear that most of them need money to become a reality. To illustrate this, many people prefer to have a start-up as a contemporary way to pursue their passion. Obviously, they may have difficulty realizing this plan unless they do not have enough financial resources to cover a series of overheads such as costs of salary, marketing, investment, and taxes. Therefore, savings are considered an effective way for us not to be out of touch with reality.

Thân Bài 3

 In the last place, it is possible that we might help people in need once we can save more than what we earn. Having more favorable financial conditions helps us bring something new to people with low socioeconomic backgrounds. Take a good example, we might donate to the poor, the disabled, or homeless people with money and necessities. On the other hand, we can even invest in charity or non-profit organizations to approach more underprivileged people. In fact, not only does this compassionate gesture arouse their happiness, but it is also a realistic way we can do to support the community in our capacity.    

Kết Bài

In conclusion, it is my firm conviction that saving more than what we earn is more beneficial because this trend exerts positive effects on our future, plans, and orientation towards supporting people in need. (424 words)

Useful Expressions 1Useful Expressions 2
+ An increase in expenditure : Sự gia tăng về tiêu dùng
 + Keep ST in our control : Giữ ST trong tầm kiểm soát của chúng ta
 + It is worthwhile for SO to do ST : Thật quan trọng cho ai đó làm gì đó
 + Unforeseeable difficulties : Những khó khăn không lường trước được
 + In effect : Quả thật
 + Hardly ever : Hầu như không
 + What life holds in store for SO : Điều mà cuộc sống đang chờ đợi chúng ta
 + There is no place for ST : Không có chỗ cho ST
 + As has always been true in ST : Lẽ hiển nhiên trong ST
 + Financial burden : Gánh nặng tài chính
 + Crises of finance : Những cuộc khủng hoảng tài chính
 + Devote resources to ST : Ra sức cho ST
 + Cope with : Ứng phó
 + Pave the way for ST : Mở đường cho
 + Set new goals : Đặt ra những mục tiêu mới
 + Become a reality : Trở thành sự thật
 + Pursue one’s passion : Theo đuổi đam mê của ai đó
 + Overheads : Chi phí hoạt động của 1 công ty
 + Be out of touch with reality : Rời xa thực tế
 + Low socioeconomic backgrounds : Tầng lớp kinh tế xã hội thấp
 + Underprivileged people : Những người kém may mắn
 + Compassionate gesture : Nghĩa cử đầy sự cảm thông
 + Invest in ST : Đầu tư vào
 + In one’s capacity : Trong khả năng của ai đó
 + It is my firm conviction that : Tôi tin chắc rằng
 + Exert positive effects on ST : Sản sinh ra những tác động tích cực lên ST
 + Orientation towards : Định hướng hướng về

Be With You – Reach Your Target!

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Đề Thi VNU-EPT 10-04-2021 – Speaking Part 2 & Writing Essay

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