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Đề Thi VNU-EPT 19-7-2020

Speaking Part 2 & Writing Essay

Đề Thi VNU-EPT 19-7-2020 | (Để lại email cuối bài để nhận file pdf)

Các sĩ tử thi VNU-EPT thân mến!

Đề thi VNU-EPT 19-07 vừa qua lặp lại đề thi VNU 04-07. Đề cho chúng ta một nội dung mới và một nội dung đã học qua ở trung tâm Anh ngữ Thiên Ân. Cụ thể :

Speaking Part 2 đề thi VNU 19-07 hỏi : What club do you like joining in after school?

Writing Task 2 đề thi VNU 19-07 hỏi : Studying abroad in the developed countries brings to students a bright future. Do you agree with this statement?

Đề Speaking này đã học trên lớp rồi đúng không các bạn học viên Anh ngữ Thiên Ân (^ ^). Đề essay tuy mới nhưng lại rất gần gũi và dễ lên ý tưởng nếu các bạn đã chăm chỉ luyện tập viết essay trước đó.

Cùng xem qua lời giải tham khảo và học thêm các từ vựng, mẫu câu lẫn ideas hữu ích cho đề thi VNU 19-07 này nhé!

Speaking Part 2 (Đề Thi VNU-EPT 19-7-2020)

Câu hỏi : What club do you like joining in after school?
The club that I would like to join in after school is an English club. This is because of several reasons.
The first benefit of attending an English club is to enhance my English skills. By taking part in such a useful club, I can practice speaking skills and use English regularly to become fluent in English and have a good command of this subject. This is especially beneficial to me because it will help me find a good job with a high salary straight after I graduate. Nowadays, many companies require their employees to have intensive English to communicate with their customers or partners. Therefore, if I am good at English, it can be a plus for me when I apply for a job.

Speaking Part 2 (Đề Thi VNU-EPT 19-7-2020)

Secondly, participating in an English club is an excellent way for me to release my stress. We can share with other members in the club about many different topics in our life, such as sports, fashion, or travel. We can share our funny stories and relax together, which definitely makes me have full of beans. More importantly, these are the chances for me to brush up on speaking and listening skills, I can speak English naturally.
Finally, widening my relationships is one of the merits of partaking in an English club. Each time we have a meeting or engage in certain events held by the club, we can meet many people from all walks of life. We can have a discussion with them on different topics. We have the chance to know each other and make new friends.
Those are the reasons why I would prefer to partake in an English club. 
+ Join in = Attend = Take part in = Participate in = Engage in = Partake in : Tham gia
+ Enhance = Brush up on : Cải thiện (kỹ năng)
+ Fluent in ST : Lưu loát 
+ Have a good command of ST : Kiến thức giỏi về điều gì đó
+ Beneficial to : Có lợi đến
+ Straight after : Ngay sau khi
+ A plus for SO : 1 điểm cộng cho ai đó
+ Apply for a job : Nộp đơn xin việc
+ Full of beans : Tràn đầy năng lượng
+ Merit = Benefit 
+ All walks of life : Mọi thành phần trong cuộc sống
+ Have a discussion on / about ST
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Mở Bài

Writing Essay (Đề Thi VNU-EPT 19-7-2020)

Câu hỏi : Studying abroad in the developed countries brings to students a bright future. Do you agree with this statement?
Mở Bài

There is a widely held view among people that should students study abroad in developed countries, they can tend towards a bright future. I would argue that this statement is convinced.   

Thân Bài 1

In the first place, it is obvious that when studying abroad, almost all students might have the chance to furnish themselves with lots of skills and knowledge which play an important role in their success in both studying and later lives. It would appear that language skills are too important to overlook, especially English. At first, they might have difficulties in the language barrier; however, in the long run, this would stimulate them to become fluent in different tongues, which can pave the way for them to have opportunities in terms of studying, researching, and working. Also, indeed, the studying environment in some developed countries like the US, the UK, Singapore, or Australia helps learners to have a good command of the relevant aspects through much in-depth research into their major in terms of theoretical and hands-on knowledge.  

Thân Bài 2

In the second place, studying overseas helps students open doors to many new horizons, including job opportunities and once-in-their-lifetime experiences. The competitive labor market with various jobs in the developed countries may bring a variety of jobs to students straight after graduation. In this way, they are likely to land decent jobs that might ensure an affluent life for students and even their families in their country. Besides, dwelling and studying in another country, progressive one in particular also helps enlighten students on new things, such as exotic culture, style, motto, and knowledge. It is argued that the more useful and positive information we absorb, the brighter our future would be.  

Thân Bài 3

In the last place, it is possible to have and maintain a network of relationships once studying abroad. Evidence suggests that universities and colleges in developed countries put more of emphasis on students’ teamwork skills. Learners have to contact their professors, classmates, or even relevant people at the helm of the fields students research. Day in day out, not only do they establish relationships, but they also maintain them when they return their country. It would appear that this is beneficial to their future when it comes to their work, research, and life.        

Kết Bài

For the aforementioned reasons, it seems to me that studying abroad in developed countries, in particular, is highly expected to bring to students a bright future. (399 words)

+ There is a widely held view among people that
+ Tend towards : Hướng đến
+ Furnish SO with ST : Trang bị
+ Play an important role : Đóng vai trò quan trọng
+ Too important to overlook : Quá quan trọng đến mức không thể xem thường
+ Have difficulties in ST : Gặp khó khăn 
+ The language barrier : Rào cản ngôn ngữ
+ In the long run : Về lâu dài
+ Stimulate SO to do ST : Khích lệ ai đó 
+ Tongue = Language
+ Pave the way for ST : Mở đường cho
+ In terms of = When it comes to : Về mặt
+ Have a good command of ST : Giỏi kiến thức về
+ In-depth research into ST : Nghiên cứu chuyên sâu về
+ Theoretical and hands-on knowledge : Kiến thức lý thuyết và thực hành
+ Open doors to many new horizons : Mở những cánh cửa đến những chân trời mới
+ Once-in-my-lifetime experiences : Những trải nghiệm có một không hai
+ A variety of ST : Đa dạng 
+ Straight after : Ngay sau khi
+ Land decent jobs : Có được những công việc tốt
+ Ensure ST for SO : Đảm bảo cho ai đó
+ An affluent life : Cuộc sống đầy đủ
+ Dwell = Live
+ Progressive : Tiến bộ, tiên tiến
+ Enlighten SO on ST : Khai sáng
+ Exotic : Có yếu tố nước ngoài
+ Absorb = Study
+ A network of relationships : Mạng lưới kết nối, quan hệ
+ Put more of emphasis on ST : Đặt nhiều chú trọng lên
+ At the helm of ST : Phụ trách về
+ Day in, day out : Ngày qua ngày
+ Beneficial to : Có lợi đến
+ Aforementioned : Đã được nhắc đến trước đó
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