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Cambridge 13 Test 4 (IELTS Writing) – Bài Viết Tham Khảo Từ Anh Ngữ Thiên Ân

Cambridge 13 Test 4 (IELTS Writing) - Task 1 & Task 2

    • Bạn chuẩn bị thi IELTS và đang tìm kiếm cho mình một đề thi để thử sức mình?
    • Bạn muốn xem bài viết tham khảo cho các đề thi IELTS trong cuốn sách huyền thoại Cambridge nhưng không biết tìm nguồn ở đâu cho uy tín?
    • Bạn muốn học hỏi thêm từ vựng, ideas, cấu trúc thường gặp trong đề thi IELTS để bổ sung kiến thức cho mình?

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Cambridge 13 Test 4 (IELTS Writing) - Task 1 & Task 2

Câu hỏi : The plans below show the layout of a university’s sports centre now, and how it will look after redevelopment. Summarize the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make comparisons where relevant.


The diagrams illustrate the arrangements of the facilities of a university’s fitness center at the moment and in the future according to the expected plans.
Overall, there will be extensive renovations to the sports center for the open-plan facilities. Especially, no separation is applied between the central area and the vicinity of this center.

 Amid centerapart from the retained pool, changing room and seating, the Gym will be expanded towards the Northeastern direction of the center. To the South of this, the reception zone will be widened towards both sides of itself with the appearance of a sports shop on the left and a cafe on the opposite side.

On both sides of the center, outdoor courts will be converted into new facilities without separation between them and the central area. Particularly, the outdoor courts in the west will be displaced by a leisure pool with a front changing room. Meanwhile, a complex of facilities embodying a sports hall, two dance studios, and a changing room will occupy the location where the outdoor courts used to be. (178 words)  

Useful Expressions 1Useful Expressions 2
+ The arrangement of ST
+ According to ST / N / V_ing
+ The expected / projected / predicted plan
+ There will be extensive renovation to ST
+ For the open-plan facilities : Cho cơ sở vật chất được mở rộng
+ Separation between ST and ST
+ The vicinity of ST : Vùng lân cận
+ Amid = Mid = In the midst / middle of ST
+ Apart from ST = Also, = Besides, | = Except for ST
+ To / Towards the Northeastern direction of = In the Northeastern direction of  = In / To the Northeast of
+ Towards both sides of ST
+ The appearance of ST
+ On the left / right of ST
+ On the opposite side of ST
+ Convert / Transform into
+ Without separation between
+ With a front / rear changing room
+ A complex / combination of ST
+ Occupy ST where …. 
Câu hỏi : In spite of the advances made in agriculture, many people around the world still go hungry. Why is this the case? What can be done about this problem.

Mở Bài

There is an increasing concern amongst people that although human beings have achieved breakthroughs in agriculture, famine has striking millions of people across the world. This essay will focus on some tangible reasons and solutions which had best to be taken steps to partly mitigate this reality.  

Thân Bài 1

On the one hand, the overpopulation without tight control of governments could be considered to be the foremost cause. Indeed, once the proliferation of birth rate is out of control, we definitely have trouble guaranteeing food resources. By way of illustration, many African countries getting stuck in this case are often in the face of adversities with respect to malnourished people and even those who are dying of starvation in virtue of food shortages and famine

Besides, sharing among people as well as countries is also worth pondering these days. Take a good example, the wastefulness of food is a matter of complete indifference to people being weak from hunger. Also, natural disasters as prolonged droughtsflash flood and human-driven problems embodying wars and social riots contribute to exacerbate this problem.

Thân Bài 2

On the other hand, several measures need implementing to alleviate the problem. Initially, governments in affected countries should propagate the drawbacks of overpopulation on an intimate connection with famine relief to raise awareness amongst their citizens. In addition, it is worthwhile to encourage establishing the charity and humanistic organizations which help raise money for humanitarian aids to people in need. 

Simultaneously with this, everyone needs have a deep respect for food by consuming enough food in accordance with their needs. In terms of extreme weather events, we can take a solution into account by sending experts in the field of agriculture to affected areas. Finally, governments could keep conflicts on the grounds of region, race in their control by means of strict laws and punitive measures.

Kết Bài

In conclusion, rhetoric alone may not bring about changes, so we can join hands to combat the threat of widespread famine nowadays by the aforementioned solutions. (330 words)

Useful Expressions 1Useful Expressions 2Useful Expressions 3
+ There is an increasing concern / worry amongst people that S + V
+ Achieve breakthroughs in ST = Achieve developments in ST
+ Famine strikes = Hunger | Starvation = Famine relief
+ Tangible = Realistic = Visible
+ Had best = Had better = Should = Ought to
+ Take steps to
+ Partly mitigate / alleviate ST : Giảm đi từng phần
+ Overpopulation without tight control of ST / SB
+ The proliferation of ST = The significant increase of ST
+ Be out of control
+ Have trouble / difficulty V_ing
+ Get stuck in ST : Mắc kẹt vào
+ In the face of adversities
+ In terms of | Related to | Concerning | With regard to | In respect of | With respect to
+ Malnourished (adj) : Suy dinh dưỡng
+ Dye of / from starvation
+ In / By virtue of ST = Because of ST = By reason of ST = Owing to ST = Due to ST = Given
+ Food shortage and famine
+ It is worth / deserved V_ing
+ The wastefulness of food is a matter of complete indifference to SB
+ Be weak / dye from hunger
+ Ponder = Consider
+ Prolonged droughts : Hạn hán kéo dài
+ Flash flood : Lũ lụt bất ngờ
+ Human-driven problems
+ Wars and social riots
+ Exacerbate = Worsen the problem
+ Propagate ST (v) : Tuyên truyền
+ On an intimate connection with ST 
+ It is worthwhile / important to
+ Charity and humanistic organizations
+ Humanitarian aids
+ Simultaneously with = Meanwhile
+ Deep respect for ST : Sự tôn trọng sâu sắc cho
+ In accordance with ST : Phù hợp với
+ In terms of | Related to | Concerning | With regard to | In respect of | With respect to
+ Extreme weather events : Tình hình thời tiết khắc nghiệt
+ Take ST into account / consideration = Consider = Ponder ST
+ Keep ST on the grounds of ST in one’s control
+ By means of = By the help of
+ Punitive measures : Giải pháp mang tính trừng phạt
+ Rhetoric alone may not bring about changes : Việc chỉ nói không thể mang lại sự thay đổi
+ Combat ST = Fight against ST
+ The threat of widespread famine : Sự đe dọa của nạn đói lan tràn
+ Aforementioned (adj) : Đã được đề cập trước đó

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Cambridge 13 Test 4 (IELTS Writing) - Task 1 & Task 2

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